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Nicnak Puppy Application

Thank you for taking the time to complete the application form below.

The information you provide will help us choose the most suitable puppy for your family and lifestyle. Our personal guarantee is that every Nicnak puppy has been born and raised in our home, they have been well loved, well socialised and come with a two year guarantee against genetic defects and a lifetime guarantee against PRA. All Nicnak puppies come with puppy care notes and ongoing support from us. Your puppy will also be eligible to be Registered with the Australian Labradoodle Association, as are all our Nicnak dogs.

Here at Nicnak Labradoodles we specialize in miniature and medium sized labradoodles. Remember when filling out your application that Nicnak puppies are spayed and neutered before they leave our home, this means the temperament of your puppy will not be influenced by their gender.

Please note we retain the right to keep any puppy we think has the attributes we require for our future Nicnak breeding program.

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Do you have a secure fenced yard?
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Do you agree to care for your Nicnak puppy for the duration of its lifetime?
Do you understand your Nicnak Labradoodle will require at least basic obedience training?
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If you are unable to continue to care for your Nicnak Labradoodle do you agree to allow us to assist you to rehome your dog?
Do you understand that once a deposit is paid, if you decide you are no longer interested in a puppy, that the deposit is nonrefundable.
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